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Jen summarizes what students have learned and explains how Github will be used going forward to create a portfolio.

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>> Jen Kramer: So going forward from this, you can continue to put things up in this particular repository in GitHub and they will show up as a webpage right there in your GitHub account. What GitHub is primarily used for is to show off your code. So you can create other repositories and you can post those repositories on GitHub, but they will not show up as webpages.

You'll be able to go to those repositories, you can take a look at the HTML, you can look at the CSS. We've actually seen that in action several times through the course, but you will not be able to actually view those documents as a webpage itself. The only way to view documents on GitHub as a webpage is using this technique called GitHub Pages.

And why it's and why is it <username> That's all stuff that GitHub established and they're the ones that said that this is the way that it works. That's why we do it this way. We do what they tell us to do and magic happens. We don't do it the right way, then magic doesn't happen.

So the last part of this is that as you continue on in the course one of the things you're gonna be working on this weekend is a portfolio. You may very well wanna put your portfolio up on GitHub pages. And so you can continue to add to that folder on your desktop, and synchronize that then with your GitHub account and all of that stuff will go live from there.

So, I've listed all those steps here for you, just so you have a little checklist to run through as you want to put additional information up on your GitHub Pages area. And that's pretty much it. That's how you get stuff up online using GitHub. The free way, right?

You happy? Have you shared your cool new website page with all your social media feeds and your mom and your dad and your cousin and your brothers and sisters and your best friend? It's your very first webpage. Put it out there and let them be proud of you.

Go share it.