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Jen congratulates students for successfully building the calculator, then assigns the portfolio project for students to complete.

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Transcript from the "Portfolio Exercise & Wrap-up" Lesson

>> Jen Kramer: So congratulations you made it through your first week of boot camp, yay! Look how far you've come. Look how many beautiful things you've made. So you're doing absolutely fabulous work. So for your assignment for the weekend, that is here.
>> Jen Kramer: In the web page for today, so scroll past all the GitHub stuff, all the way down to the bottom.

So, the big assignment is this, building your portfolio. So I want you to think about who was gonna see this portfolio, and what do they wanna know about you. What kind of questions do you need to answer? What kind of questions are the people who are gonna visit your portfolio, what do they need to know?

What do you need to tell them? What kind of value can you provide, okay? This is really the way that you start thinking about building a website. Who's coming to my website? What do they want to know? And what is my goal to get out of this whole website?

Okay, so if your goal is to get a job, great goal. What are people coming to the website want to know?
>> Student1: Can you do the job?
>> Jen Kramer: Can you do the job, right? So you're gonna have to visualize some kind of job that you want, and then build a website designed to get that particular job, right?

You may show examples of your work. You might wanna talk about yourself. Maybe you wanna post your resume. Maybe you need a contact form. There's a bunch of kind of things. I also have some technical questions for you to think about, like what is your color scheme? You might want to find a nice color scheme out there on the Adobe Color website.

You want to make your pages look consistent across your website, make sure your links work. That kind of stuff will get you not hired. [LAUGH] Don't have broken links if you're trying to get a coding job, pro tip. Okay, I'm happy to talk with you individually more about your portfolios but you're gonna want to put this together.

I anticipate it will be something like, three or four pages. The first page will take you a long time to code because you're gonna have to do all the layout stuff, your logo, your navigation, your footer. But going on to your next page, what do you do? Copy your existing HTML page, which is going to have your header and your navigation in your footer already right?

Change what's in the middle to make your next page. Link it all up in your nav bar. Make sense? If we need to make a video on this, I'm more than happy to make a video on how to put together multiple pages. But I think if you think about it, it should all make sense.