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Paul points out types of social media posts that establish connection to the community in the online space.

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>> Paul DeBettignies: So what normally happens, people say, well, what do I do as a status update online? Any of these things is a start, right? So I'm going to be attending an event or a conference. I'm going to tweet that out. I'm probably going to put it on LinkedIn too.

The reason is, if I'm going to an event that I don't know anyone, but I'm going saying, I'm going to the event. I'm using the event hashtag. Someone may reach out to me. I may say, hey, I'm going to whatever event and I don't know anyone, who's going?

Surprisingly, right, six people reach out to you going hey, I don't know anyone either. You already found your tribe, before you leave your town to go to the event. Okay, seminars, webinars, industry articles, I do this. This is actually most of what I tweet out. If you follow me on Twitter most of my stuff consists of Minneapolis, St. Paul tech news, some stuff from the Midwest, sunset or moon photos.

And sometimes go for football stuff. But we're not so great this year so I'm not tweeting as much as I normally do. Until the Badger game, in which case you might wanna follow me cuz it could be entertaining. But I will infrequently though, answer someone's question. And I did it as a tweet earlier today.

Hey, I'm doing this presentation here today, what would be one bit of advice you'd want to give someone? Normally, people don't respond right away, but I'll get responses over the next two or three days that often turn to a blog post. I spoke at Frontend Masters beginners boot camp.

Here are the topics we covered, here were the questions that people wanted to know about afterwards. And here's a blog post and here's a blog post, and here's a blog post. I could do that on LinkedIn instead. Does tying this up, is this making a little sense at least?

How to weave it all together?
>> Speaker 2: Yeah, and I will say in the tech industry, software development, I agree with you wholeheartedly on Twitter. I'm on Twitter monitoring that stuff all day, every day. Sharing links on-
>> Paul DeBettignies: People will say, how do I solve this problem? If you can't figure out how to solve a problem, put it on Twitter.

>> Speaker 2: There's a lot of that bootcamp attendees online that were tweeting at Jenn, at Brian, and there's high fives and lots of. So we're all paying attention.
>> Paul DeBettignies: And also, very cool if you're an introvert, because then, you don't actually have to see anybody. [LAUGH] I'm a little funny when I say that.