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Paul highlights the importance of both monitoring what companies are doing on social media, and updating your network on professional events you attend.

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>> Paul DeBettignies: Personalize invites, creep on profiles, follow companies. If there are companies that you think you want to work at one day, have interest in, start following them on LinkedIn. If the recruiter and HR and hiring managers of those companies are good at what they do, then they will see you.

[00:00:16] They will look at your profile, they will come back to you as they are trying to increase their staff. It's kind of a very subtle way of being able to show that you have interest in a group. Two is that now their company news will start appearing in your updates, and so you can start liking those things.

[00:00:31] Like if you're interested a particular startup in the Bay Area, start following that company. Start liking every one of the company updates. They will be paying attention, they should be paying attention, okay. I would post status updates once or twice a week on LinkedIn. One of your updates, if you haven't yet done it this week.

[00:00:50] And since it's late Friday afternoon when we're recording this, maybe you're gonna do it on Monday. It's gonna be your photo of you that you've been here this week, saying, hey, I attended the Frontend Masters two week beginner boot camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Had a fantastic time thanks to the instructors.

[00:01:06] Tag them on, tag them on the post, okay. But do that once or twice a week. So it can be like you're attending a meetup or a user group. We'll talk about that in a little while. But the idea being though is that you want to remind people that you're here, that you're alive, that you're working.

[00:01:20] This is what you're doing, this is what you're interested in. And it can be like articles. And I've got a list of like what status updates can look like, all right?