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Paul answers student questions about the average level of salary to expect.

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Transcript from the "Salaries Q&A" Lesson

>> Speaker 2: What about like startups versus big mega corp.
>> Paul DeBettignies: So because this is being recorded [LAUGH], for the first 15 years of my recruiting career most of the work was done with large groups. I am not always a fan of the startups that have ping pong tables, fuzz ball, and beer on tap 24/7, 365.

I'm also not a fan of large office towers with like, you can hear the lights, because it's that crappy overheard lighting that buzzes. That freaks me out too. This is antiseptically clean and this one's really dirty, and I don't like either one of those for me. Okay? I like startups and small tech companies that have raised some cash in the Midwest.

If they're raised a million or two at this point they're relatively stable, relatively. I like those groups because you're built you tend to be building stuff from scratch. The flip side is you're building from from scratch, and you have anybody else's code to lean on. So there's opportunity there.

There's also the lots of opportunity to really large companies in town who do in any town who have an internship, or hire recent grants because they now have a program. There's a really cool company here in town called Kipsu, K-I-P-S-U. They have a 12 month rotational program, and they're a startup of like 45 people.

It's kind of amazing.
>> Paul DeBettignies: Find those places where you can learn stuff. And I get this question a lot of the time, what should I do? And I'm like, If it were me, I'm gonna go to the place where I can learn the most and tolerate the salary.

I need to learn as much as I can with smart people as fast as I can. And then maybe in two or three years, I'm out the door. And I'm gonna contribute and bust my butt. They're gonna get every penny they put into me But if you can find a startup.

If you are in the bay area, if you are in New York city, if you are in Austin, Seattle, our startup community here is really strong now. Might never have said that seven years ago but it is today. There are these really cool opportunities. So really it is going back though and doing that research.

Asking your friends and your peers, who do you know who? Who's in a good place who's really good at teaching? Teaching, training, mentoring, really, really matter. I do applaud ya'll for having gone through this the last two weeks. Stay in touch with the front end masters folks. Good luck with what's going on.

Stay in touch with everyone who's been speaking with you. Thank you.
>> Paul DeBettignies: All right awesome.