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Paul directs students to apply for positions they may not necessarily feel qualified for.

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Transcript from the "Reach Up" Lesson

>> Paul DeBettignies: Undoubtedly, you're gonna see a job posted somewhere for an intermediate or a senior web developer at a fill in the blank company. And you're gonna be like, man, I really like to be able to do that. And you're thinking well, but I'm not a senior web developer yet.

And that's true yet, yet. You don't know if they're looking for an intern. You don't know if they're looking for a junior role. We tend to not post these jobs because we're afraid we're gonna get a bunch of resumes from people that we can't handle. But if I see a role for a senior web developer role and their skill set is what I have, even though I'm a junior person.

I am going to reach out to them. My name is Paul Debadings, I'm a junior developer here in Minneapolis, St. Paul, I saw your posting for a fill in the blank on I appreciate that I don't have the seven plus years of experience you're looking for, but here's what I do have.

Am I someone you would like to talk to? The worst thing they're gonna do is say no, cool. See, I'm weird, in my search firm industry if you are told no 98 of 100 times a month, you made six figures. Do you want to be rejected 98 times, that sucks.

But the cash is sweet on the two yeses.
>> Paul DeBettignies: Your first job search is going to be a bummer in a lot of cases. Can I just be blunt about it. It's going to be hard and so what? You're getting yourself into an industry that has lots and lots of doors and places to be able to go through.

And you can create things and the beginning part, I'm hoping that some of this will have helped out with