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Paul tells students why it's important to keep previous work history visible, and why it matters to do so.

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>> Paul DeBettignies: To the question about, for those who have not been in technology yet, who are learning on your own, who have gone to a boot camp, who this is your first boot camp. So here's some things I would suggest you wanna do. First of all, go to LinkedIn and find someone like you.

Okay, so here's what I mean by that. And actually, there is a photo I took or did a screen image. So this image on the screen right now, it is the summary section of a person who went to a boot camp here in town. And none of it's about technology, but here's why.

This, your previous roles that you've had until this moment still matter. A company might see that you worked as an intern somewhere, and then you became a full time employee and then you became a manager. And it could be at a retail shop, it could be at a restaurant, it could be at a manufacturing facility.

I don't care. Your past up until now matters. It will very much matter, because you will need to relate to an employer. Why it is you got into technology? Why you wanted to learn how to code? And now your past helps you. Many of you have probably been in customer service, teachers.

There's someone in town who has become a dear friend of mine. She was a nurse before she learnt how to code. And the reason why I bring that out is this, you have a talent called empathy. And you tend to really like people, and you tend to want to know how technology can fix their situation.

You wanna write, you wanna create an app that's going to make their experience better in some way on something. So your experience up until now matters, you want to document it. Also, if for ticket sales Rapids Minnesota Orchestra, if we even said there are two like, because I did this one thing, we increased ticket sales by 12%.

It's still this idea that you were a valuable, you benefited your employer. Because, when you say that you're a junior developer and you're looking for your first job, your work history is still gonna be what we're gonna base some of this stuff on, okay? So if you can say, and I think I have one more here, and I'll slip these into the slides.

>> Paul DeBettignies: So, make sure that you can read it. Technology is a part of my life, starting and I delve into ways to work digitally from games to a VCR. That seems kind of, that's interesting to me. The last thing, I recently completed the GA Web Developer Immersive course, the goal being to push me forward to become a better web developer.

That's their summary on LinkedIn. So it could be in my previous life, I did these things, I saw ways that technology could benefit patients, customers, users in some form or fashion.