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Paul fields questions about whether to showcase a previous career as a key skill and whether to broadcast personal hobbies or beliefs.

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Transcript from the "Previous Skills & Sharing Q&A" Lesson

>> Paul DeBettignies: So A, don't have two LinkedIn profiles. It's actually against the terms of service.
>> Paul DeBettignies: Yep, so many people now like post Great Recession, post 2008 to 2011 whether you're in the US around the world, there was a global recession. Many people now have literally had three careers in the last ten years or two careers the last ten years.

So it's more common place now. That we tend to have more interest as a workforce than we had, say in decades past. So I think it's very okay for you to say I'm looking for a full time developer role and be continuing my writing, how will you rephrase that?

Because what will undoubtedly happen is, you will end up at a company and then go away you can write for us too. Now I get that you may want to be doing that on the side or maybe you do some freelancing and getting paid on nights and weekends.

You will likely find though that, particularly companies, maybe small agencies, startups in particular small tech groups are like, man, I'd be really cool if we had a really good junior developer. And if you can write for us too, yeah. So I would incorporate that into that. So these are really laid back casual phrases.

I'll come up with a top of my head that might not even be grammatically correct, but it can be like I'm looking for a full time developer role. Where I can also help contribute content on the company blogger website, or I can also help with presentation or sales material.

Like you can weave that in pretty easy and I would do that versus not. I would absolutely combine it in there. Yes, ma'am.
>> Speaker 2: Does that mean that we should also try to keep like personal interests out of our social media?
>> Paul DeBettignies: So the question about, should I keep my interest out of social media?

I'm gonna venture here and I don't want to but someone's gonna ask sooner or later. We live in a hyper charged political climate. Not just in the US but around the world. I'm good with most of the things that someone might talk about online. There are some things that I actually don't venture near anymore.

So go back a number of years when there was the then Senator McCain, not yet President Obama debate. I'm gonna go here only for the sake for this example, I'm a moderate at my heart. A fiscally conservative socially don't give a damn as long as you're not hurting someone but can't quite be a libertarian cuz they kinda wake me up to, which means I never have like a party on Tuesday when we voted.

My ballot was mixed across the board. But I used to tweet a lot about politics. So that year particularly, I was like, I was not, I was critiquing both candidates equally. And so my Republican friends were hating on me, my democrat friends were hating on me, like I am never gonna do this again.

Now, I said that at a Minneapolis junior developers event last January and then I had a young lady asked me a question she goes, well, what if I just flat out believe in these causes and I don't give a shit if someone's not gonna hire me because of them and I'm like, cool.

If you know that the things you're saying regardless of affiliation, regardless of how you look at, may potentially alienate you from certain roles, cool, I know that I have at times probably pissed off a lot of Wisconsin Badgers football fans over the years cuz I'm not kind. I hate them.

I love the University of Wisconsin, Massa's a fantastic city, the school is amazing. In college, my senior year, I think it was my junior, my senior year we played the Wisconsin Badgers for homecoming. And instead of like having Bucky and then the Badger for those of you can kinda who knows some college stuff.

It just said fuck Bucky and I wore that proudly tell it was ripped and had the stains, I know I've annoyed some people, I probably cost me a client or two. You know, I'm cool with that. [LAUGH] On almost everything else though, I don't because I'm trying to be sensitive that just because you don't think like I do.

And by the way, thank God for that, that not everybody thinks the way that I do like I love banter. I love back and forth stuff but online, but if you're saying that you're into flying, you're into pottery, you're into college football, you're into nonprofits and volunteering. But now and again, I'll get a question like, should I say that I've been volunteering at Planned Parenthood or for the tea party?

I'm not gonna answer that question cuz I'm gonna let you all decide what's best for you and your path. Quick side note since I've had a few of these, my Attorney and I, she's like my big sister. We were doing a presentation her night together a number of years ago, probably four or five years ago.

Minnesota State High School hockey tournament was going on. For those of you who are not familiar with it, if you go to YouTube and do a YouTube search like Minnesota hockey hair, you'll get an idea of what the Minnesota State hockey tournament is like. It's cult-like in our state.

That year a team Benilde St. Margaret's was in the high school hockey tournament. One of their players had recently become paralyzed in a very horrible hockey accident. And Benilde St. Margaret's was in high school tournament neighbor doing well. I was sitting at a coffee shop with my attorney for two hours, explaining how I find Kant's on social media with my attorney.

And then I got followed by a project manager here in town. I said, well, let's play it out. So on his Twitter stream, it was pretty clear he graduated from this high school. It's a private catholic school. I then copy and pasted his name he's a project manager like this might be someone I'd wanna recruit.

So I copy and paste this name and i put in a LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, I figure out, well, he's indeed working for this really cool consulting firm in town and hey, like this is someone I would wanna recruit. A couple of the groups he belonged to on LinkedIn were political affiliated a little more than a little to the right, he was a little conservative.

I still don't care, he's a good project manager. Then did copy and paste and put it on Facebook and this isn't Facebook when in fact in where it was like parts of your profile could be public and others could be private his groups republic, it was really abundantly clear that this guy was very, very conservative.

And again, I don't care because you're really good project manager. But what happens if you're hiring manager is a Bernie Sanders liberal PETA loving affiliation cuz by the way, the Facebook profile was him wearing blaze orange holding a deer head. Do you hear what I'm saying? These things do get judged though, I'm just gonna let you all do it and I'll probably wouldn't normally not gone this far but you know what?

I think this is an important thing to talk about now, so thank you for let me go on a huge tangent. And I'm hoping that everyone else is going to take some value in that.