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Finding People to Network With

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Paul instructs students how to use search terms to find others to connect with and develop a network.

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Transcript from the "Finding People to Network With" Lesson

>> Paul DeBettignies: So these next two, are things for you to copy and paste and for some reason and I will add it to the to the deck. I'm gonna add copy and paste don't click, cuz for some reason when I just click on this right now it says this isn't supported in your browser.

Like well I'm using Chrome I copied it in Chrome. We tested it last night. But if you copy and paste this search string, so I made it very specific right now for Minneapolis St Paul.
>> Paul DeBettignies: So it's a search of
>> Paul DeBettignies: Keyword, software manager, CTO, CIO, in many in greater Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Thinking about I'm leaving here, I wanna start figuring out who would be that CTO at that one startup that I might wanna go work at one day. So this is a real and this does not matter the kind of profile that you have, you can do this from a free profile.

My search results show 5925 of these individuals in Minneapolis St. Paul. That's a pretty slick place to start.
>> Paul DeBettignies: I have another list then of course then for recruiter and HR folks 13,314 search results. This does not depend on the number of connections you have on LinkedIn. All right?

I'm gonna explain to you in a moment why that's really going to matter to you. So the idea is this if you are in here and we'll just take it as a hypothetical, say you want to go to current companies and anybody have a company in talent or curious about right now?

Just off the top your head.
>> Speaker 2: Target's a big one.
>> Paul DeBettignies: Let's not do Target there's too many search results.
>> Speaker 3: Then Masters.
>> Paul DeBettignies: You don't wanna become too small. I think you wanna work with Mark, kidding. We're old dear friends. He's my brother. Let's do it. Well, let' just do Target anyway.

>> Paul DeBettignies: So now we got it down to 82 including the CTA at.
>> Paul DeBettignies: Why the Chief Technology Cargill, pop up? We'll figure that part out so that the search string will be a little more specific to those currently in this role, okay. But the idea being is now you have seen,a job posting in Target you're really interested in curious about it.

We'll talk in about 15 slides about how it is that you have now gone to Target to that applicant tracking system. You have filled up their nine web pages, you have copied and pasted your resume, and then attached your resume. If any of you have gone through the job search process and applied online, you're already knowing what I'm talking about that they can get a little monotonous really fast.

I am going to suggest that you also wanna send your info to a person. Not just into a applicant tracking system and submit and then pray they're gonna get back to you. I'm gonna show you how to do that here in a couple of minutes. But the idea then is that you can start finding people to network with.

>> Paul DeBettignies: So let's come back to this. So that's what these two are. And you can play with these. You can add. It's made so that when scroll correctly, if you click All Filters. So we're doing this search in Greater Minneapolis-St Paul. So again, all you gotta do is flip it to San Francisco, New York.

London, it's the same scenario. You could change it by the company's current companies, past companies where they went to school. So if you went to school at Cal Berkeley, and you're trying to find alumni who work at Google. Okay, I'm guessing that that search results still gonna be a lot of people.

But to get what I mean, like you can now start trying to find out ways you can start finding names to reach out to people who work at Google and went to the same school you did. Because now you have a networking opportunity. It's not just you reaching out to someone cold.

So you can play with these filters, relatively easy to do just play around it don't like you can't break LinkedIn. Right? Like a lot of people like I didn't know if I can do that. The thing is gonna do is is gonna show up as an error, like who cares?

So I want you to be a little curious about this.