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Finding a Good Recruiter Q&A

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Paul gives direction on how to find a good recruiter.

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Transcript from the "Finding a Good Recruiter Q&A" Lesson

>> off screen: Questions about good versus bad recruiters that a waste your time.
>> Paul DePettignies: Best way to find a good search firm or consulting firm recruiter, because you may six weeks or six months from now just take a $25 an hour gig through one of the national consulting firms. Ask your friends who is a good consulting researcher and recruiter that they like, know, and trust.

Because if you think about it, a search firm recruiter or consulting firm recruiter is literally going to be able to mess up your life. We will know where you live, where you're working, how much you're making, how much you wanna make. You wouldn't trust your family with some of that info.

And you're gonna trust some complete stranger who reached out to you on LinkedIn and spammed you. You have to take control of your career now, okay. If I had a hammer and I could knock you on the head, that might be one of the things, that would be a theme.

You now need to take control of your career, and this will go as fast or as slow as you take it.