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Paul directs students on how to find tech companies in their area using various resources.

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Transcript from the "Find a Job" Lesson

>> Pete DeBettignies: If you were Minneapolis St. Paul, are you up in the Midwest? You already know the headquartered Minneapolis is UnitedHealth Group Group, Best Buy and Target. By the way, everybody applies at UnitedHealth Group Group, Best Buy and Target when they're first getting started. That's okay. Just lots of competition too.

So if you're here, regardless of what town or city or state country you're in, find lists of companies in your region for us here. If you go to, MinneInno and the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal articles you will stood. People are writing about these companies everyday tech companies, big, large, small private, public, venture backed bootstrapped, find lists of companies.

Google for jobs just started what I think they're about a year 16 months in now. Google is now doing on steroids would indeed used to do and still does. Google is doing probably a slightly better job at it. All hate mail from indeed people I'm also gonna find list of companies that, startup Angel place website.

So startups, lots of startups don't actually have any other jobs in the career page [LAUGH] because they don't know what they're doing it but the posted on Stack Overflow indeed. Go to the Inc 5000. Inc 5000 is the 5000 privately held fastest growing companies in the US.

Think last year, Minneapolis, there was 80 to 90, of the 80 to 90, I did not know who 22 of them were. And I'm pretty good at this. 22 companies, now, they came a call list for me, hi, my name is, and some of them are manufacturing companies who never gonna hire Fire Web developers.

But I can help them with the recruiting strategy for manufacturing hourly workers. A manufacturing company may need help with that one thing on the website that you need some experience in and you can go do it for them, get paid a couple grand. And now you've got another thing to show off on your portfolio that you put on LinkedIn, and you put on Twitter.

And now you've got to the question earlier, how do I become a self-taught? If I'm self-taught, how do I become a developer? Here it is. I promised you I was gonna get here in the end, it just took a while to get here. Some more wish I look the big job boards.

I would still look at monster, I would still look at Career Builder, I would still go to for a tech job. Absolutely. Niche and local job boards for us here in town again, like I just mentioned,, MinneInno. Facebook or LinkedIn, Facebook and Mark, I'll come back to that question, man, if you can remind me.

Facebook by the way, General Mills has a Facebook group just for careers. Facebook has a Facebook for careers' page. Take advantage of those opportunities. How I became a recruiter was in 1997. It was the mid October of 1997. I answered ad in the newspaper, old school I know.

But that's how I got into this crazy world. But newspapers, a lot of times folks will will overlook them but when you're on the recruiting in HR side of things, newspapers will sell you both the online ad and the print ad and sometimes it's like you can get four of these and two of these and so you spread your jobs around.

So don't stop, I'm gonna do some better grammar with that, start going back to newspapers. Any of the trade professional websites, job search engines, folks like me recruiter search firm employment agencies, I wanna give you an extra put an asterisk next to that one. Here's the thing. Know this, and this could be a whole 40 minutes that I won't do.

I wanna do this. A search firm recruiter, we'll call them third party recruiters. You've got your corporate recruiter, your corporate HR person, they are employed by the company. And then you've got someone like me we sometimes call ourselves third party recruiters know this. In general, our vested interest is with the employer, not you.

Whenever I am submitting candidates to clients, I normally have three or four candidates for that one role. And usually two other search firms are working on it too. So you're now competing with 14 people. One of the tools in your toolbox, you should be doing all of these things.

Think of it like a toolbox or you're building a house. To be funny, your recruiter is your tool because sometimes your tool, get it funny. Come on, I know it's the end of the two weeks. But come on, that was funny. But we also know of roles though that other people don't know about.

I tended know things to do three weeks in advance, in the startup space here in town. So we are good in Avenue. But a search for recruiter as a junior developer roll level, we rarely work with you. Because employers generally can find you on the road. But make friends with us now for four years from now.

When you're wicked awesome and as cool as we thought you were going to be today, you are that person, now we can work together.