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Paul strongly advises students to continue coding after completing a bootcamp, where there are no direct instructions for what to do next.

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Transcript from the "Code Every Day" Lesson

>> Paul DeBettignies: Code every damn day. I'm going to add damn, code every damn day.
>> Paul DeBettignies: I don't code, I mentioned this to you 12 days ago, right? But I know that coding is a muscle that you have to use every damn day. I see it with folks who like go through boot camps a lot, they've been through a 14 week intensive course.

They end it on a Friday, they wake up Monday morning and they're completely like, what do I do now? Because for 14 weeks someone was in their head telling them what to do, and that's fantastic, and it's great. You gotta go do your job now and you gotta keep working on your project and you gotta find a nonprofit to work with and you gotta try find it, every damn day.

So work on your own projects. If you can't come up with a, you have to find a project of your own that's going to carry you through the days when you can't figure out if something works or not. Your own thing will carry you more than almost anything else.

Go find an open source project you can contribute online. You want to learn how to code fast? Do it with a bunch of people that know what they're doing. They will take you on if you're honest about what your skill and ability is, what it is. Find an open source project you're jacked up about.

So now you're willing to put in the extra free time cuz you're volunteering.
>> Paul DeBettignies: But now you're putting that on your portfolio and website, you're putting that on LinkedIn and you tweeted out about it, because you're working with that super cool developer from Netflix.
>> Paul DeBettignies: Is how you make this go faster.

Volunteer with a nonprofit.