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Applying for a Role Example

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Paul gives an example of applying for a role and locating the person within the company to contact afterward.

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Transcript from the "Applying for a Role Example" Lesson

>> Paul DeBettignies: So this is an example from more than a year ago. And then I'll do another live one here in a second because it turns out it ends up being SportsEngine too. In town here, there's a company called SportsEngine. It was a startup six, seven, eight years old.

I don't even know how old it is now, was acquired by NBC Universal Sports a year or two ago. They had posted for a software engineer intern. Clearly this was a pretty cool gig for someone to get. They were only going to hire one. And what happens is, is on the left-hand side, I know I cut it off, but it says apply now.

So if I were coming out of this, or if it's in six weeks or six months I'm feeling comfortable, I'm going to click on Apply Now. I'm gonna go through whatever process they want me to go to. And then I'm gonna take that search string that I showed you earlier and I'm gonna figure who was an HR recruiter person at SportsEngine.

The fourth one on that list, Jesse Howard. What was her title then? I can't even read that. I need to get some glasses, Talent Manager. I'm not going to email the VP of HR at SportsEngine, because they're a 500 person company. But the talent manager at SportsEngine is problem good person to reach out to.