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Paul breaks down what it takes to be considered an "all-star" profile on LinkedIn.

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Transcript from the "All-Star Status" Lesson

>> Paul DeBettignies: In order to have an All-Star status on LinkedIn, you need these things, all of them. The three recommendations part sometimes is difficult. If you want a new, if you're like me I hate, I don't like to use the word hate. Hate's a strong word, but I hate asking people for recommendations.

[00:00:17] I just send them to other people and one out of three will write one back for me. [LAUGH] Okay, so think of your former bosses and it doesn't need to be in technology right now. By the way, I get that for many of you, you're just getting into this but this could be your supervisor at the retail store you worked in a year ago.

[00:00:35] But you want to be able to have someone say some nice things about you, because that kind of matters a little bit. But too, but in order to actually, as a part of LinkedIn's algorithm and how they rank people for like, are you the first search result or the 495th, this plays a part in it.

[00:00:52] So in order to have a LinkedIn profile that they love, it goes by that.