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Announcing the Free Debugging JavaScript Course!

Find and fix bugs in your web apps with world class training – for free, no credit card required!

Frontend Masters is the premier education platform for web developers, and we’ve partnered with Todd Garner (Co-founder at TrackJS) to upgrade your bug squashing abilities.

Sign up for an exclusive and complete course on debugging JavaScript – and if you choose, you can upgrade to a full, paid account at any time to check out the other excellent courses on Frontend Masters. You will only be charged if you decide to join!

If you ever thought about giving Frontend Masters a “test-drive” before fully committing, now is a perfect time. Just fill out the form below and get access to Todd’s Debugging JavaScript course!

Don’t delay! While this terrific Debugging JavaScript course is free — no credit card is required — the offer won’t last long. You have until June 23rd to watch the course!

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If you think the course adds value to your skill set, you can upgrade at any time in this trial period for full access to all valuable Frontend Masters courses. The Frontend Masters catalog not only includes this invaluable Debugging JavaScript course, but also Kyle Simpson’s Advanced JavaScript, Douglas Crockford’s Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web, and much more!

Fill out the form now and join Todd Gardner as he covers what causes common JavaScript bugs and walks you through the tooling to isolate the source of the problems.  With the knowledge you gain, you’ll be armed to find and squash those bugs faster and for good!

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