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Here's what we launched Fall 2018...👀

New From-Scratch iPhone & iPad App for offline viewing!

Built from the ground up — our new iOS App elevates the mobile and offline viewing experience for all our courses on both the iPad and iPhone!

Frontend Masters App

P.S. we do also have an 🤖 Android App.

New Courses & Workshops

Featuring updates to some of our most popular courses, we just released (7) brand new courses and (12) upcoming workshops. Popular topics like Complete Intro to React, Chrome Dev Tools, Firebase and Angular, to new topics such as MongoDB, Intro to Node.js, Creative Coding, and Design for Developers!

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Learning Paths Feature

Enhanced Format & Courses

You can now view annotations and copy code and links as you progress through a course. Combined with the ability to download transcripts, the Frontend Masters player gives you the best learning experience possible.

Look for annotations in 10 of our top courses.

Learning Paths Feature

Updated Learning Paths

To help you keep pace with our industry’s evolving standards and practices, soon we will be introducing editors notes, and an updated content refresh — learning paths are now more relevant than ever!

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