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Introducing Frontend Masters Learning Paths

Learning Paths are carefully constructed routes that are a roadmap to learn vital skills and practices.

Track Progress Towards Goals

Learning Paths keep track of your progress through each Frontend Masters course automatically.

Get Editor Notes

Learn why courses are essential and relevant for developers in Learning Paths with these helpful notes.

Course Electives

All Learning Paths provide a listing of possible Elective Courses, which allow for further exploration on becoming a well-rounded developer.

Always Up to Date

Throughout the year, Frontend Masters updates the courses catalog ensuring that material is always practical and up-to-date.

Key Technologies

Better understand requirements about pivotal topics and technologies like Node, React, Vue, or Angular by following their respective Learning Paths.

Watch Amy's Story – From Beginner to Senior Web Developer

Amy was able to use Frontend Masters to assemble her own education and fill in the gaps to become a Senior Web Developer!

Our Mission

Create the world's highest quality resources that empower developers to become masters at their craft.