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Over the past 6 months, we’ve achieved several breakthroughs that benefit our Frontend Masters members. Now is the BEST time to celebrate those achievements by taking advantage of the breakthroughs we’ve made and getting yourself a huge 38% discount – until Monday, April 3rd at midnight CST only, if you choose our annual membership.

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In The Past 6 Months Alone We’ve Developed
5 Breakthrough Innovations To Help You
Become A Better Front-end Developer...

Innovation #1:
New Production Process - More Courses Faster

If you’re hunting for a big promotion or building the next big application, you don’t want to be working with outdated material. You want to be on top of your game, improving your workflow and pushing out badass code that makes a name for yourself.

And because of the continued support of our members the past few years, we’ve been able to hire a full-time production team that has reduced our production time from 3-5 MONTHS...… to 1-2 WEEKS!

(That’s roughly a 91.6% increase in production speed. BOOM!)

Now you’ll get access to fresh, relevant courses within mere days of it being recorded. You’ll have an instant advantage in your career. Plus if anything does change, we can simply have the instructor come back out, re-record, and get it in your hands just a few days later.


Innovation #2:
Our Own From Scratch Video Player

We built our own video player from scratch!

This way we can make ANY change we think of. We can fix bugs instantly. Plus we can now “innovate on the fly” by adding new custom features created in-house!

This puts more power into YOUR hands because you can tell us how we can make your experience better – and we can do it for you. Everything will run faster, more reliably and with less hiccups. Plus we’ll be regularly adding new user-requested features to deliver a badass experience for you.


Innovation #3:
An AWESOME new line up of Courses

Because of our ability to produce courses faster, we now have the ability to record more presentations covering the exact topics that are most relevant to you. In fact... We have 20 days of workshops lined up for April/May alone!

Here’s a quick sample of the new training you’ll have access to in the next two months...


+ 50
this year

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Innovation #4:
Community: Empowering Free Open Source Education

Our members, like you, have been our evangelists over the years, supporting us because you believed in our mission. We feel honored to have the authority now to support tens of thousands of developers all at once. That’s why, in 2016, we released the Front End Handbook.

If you somehow haven’t heard about it, this handbook outlines and discusses front-end engineering – focusing on web technology (HTML, CSS, DOM, and Javascript). We discuss the best ways to learn it, what tools are used and how to properly utilize them, and so much more.

This resource BLEW UP, receiving over 1.4 million page views in the first year alone!

We just recently released our updated 2017 version, and it already has 1 million views without even being formally announced! It’s already gone viral, being shared on authority sites like Hacker News, Product Hunt, Reddit, and many others.

So again, THANK YOU.

I promise you, this is just the beginning. Our mission for this business is helping you become the best, most badass front-end developer possible and bring our community even closer together. I feel like we’re doing a great job so far, and there’s much more to come.

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Innovation #5:
User-Driven Changes

Our final breakthrough is simple: We are empowering our customers to drive our innovation. After all, it doesn’t matter what WE want. It only matters what our members want! That’s why we sent all our members a survey a few weeks ago.

2154 of you took time out of your day to speak your mind and give us a hand in helping you. We found out EXACTLY what you want, in order of importance (exercise-based courses was #1).

We discovered that only 23% of you are interested in focusing exclusively on front-end development… while 69% of you want to expand to server-side language topics (beyond only Node.js like now).

We even learned what topics you guys want in 2017… and 4 out of 5 of your top requested courses are already booked to be recorded!

The fact is, we’re doubling down on our commitment to our members.

We think of our members as partners in our business, and believe the best way to move forward is to use YOUR ideas and feedback to help create a membership community that’s hands-down the best in the business.


Our Mission

Create the world's highest-quality resources
that empower developers to become masters at their craft

Here’s what you get when you
join Frontend Masters:

Industry-Leading, Timeless

Industry legends such as Kyle Simpson, Brian Holt, Bianca Gandolfo and Douglas Crockford (and dozens more) capture the courses in live workshops settings.

The workshops help you learn the fundamentals of each framework, plus you’ll love the Q&A between the teachers and students. You’ll gain access to everything, without having to attend a workshop in person.

Gain The “Full Range” Of
JavaScript & Frameworks

These aren’t basic overviews. Courses range from five to eleven hours of HD-quality videos breaking down learning modules into 5-15 minute bit-sized chunks. You’ll gain access to fundamentals plus the more in-depth “nitty gritty” of each framework you want to learn!

Watch It Whenever, Wherever

You’ll gain full access to our members area where you can watch videos whenever you want. You can watch our videos on desktop, tablets, online or offline, even on your iPhone/iPad (Android coming soon)! We've even added captions to the videos for those with hearing disabilities, and are constantly adding new features.

New Courses Added Constantly

We now have over 400 hours of recorded courses. Our students have watched over 2 MILLION hours of courses! Plus we’re now getting you new workshops faster, and on a more regular basis.

We have 20 DAYS of workshops lined up for April/May alone! Stay on top of your game to stand out from your co-workers and put yourself in a perfect position to get a raise or promotion.

Captured in live workshops

The workshop courses help you to learn the fundamentals of each framework, but the best learning comes from the back & forth questions being asked by students, along with the answers and opinions of the teachers. You’ll gain access to everything, without having to attend a workshop in person.

Choose Your Own Learning Path

We’ve restructured our courses and broke it down into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Start with courses that match your skill level, and work your way up! We’re here to help you improve and expand your skills to let your “inner badass” shine through and become a developer companies will fight over :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: I already have a monthly membership. Can I upgrade... and will you prorate it?

Answer: Yes and yes! This sale is for ANYBODY, including new customers, existing monthly customers, and even those who upgraded last year. And YES we're prorating your monthly membership so you don't feel like you got screwed out of the rest of this month. If you already have an account you have two options...

1) Simply email us and we'll upgrade you at the prorated amount (easiest option)...

2) LOGIN FIRST, then go to the sale page and order. Once you upgrade, the system will automatically prorate the subscription reflecting the time you have left and will reflect that in the final charge.

QUESTION: How do I get my boss/manager to approve this?

Answer: I realize a lot/most of you are having your boss or manager pay this as a company expense. They might not "get" how incredible our membership is because they're not actually in it, going through the training, with you.

For them, it's going to be a matter of improving your skills/productivity so you become more valuable to the company (which, btw, is a great leveraging point for you for promotions). So if you can tell them how watching our training will help you do that, it should help you help them understand why they should upgrade you to our yearly plan.

(Plus it's going to save them 38%!)

QUESTION: What makes your membership different than other similar training?

Answer: Read this page again. You’ll see dozens of reasons. That said, I'd like to share with you a testimonial we just got last night from someone who just recently joined...

"I am quite enjoying the service so far. I found Frontend Masters through a convoluted search for AngularJS tutorials which originally brought me to some YouTube videos and then to [a place where you license your videos]. It's funny, the courses I found most helpful were not exclusive to the site I was on but from Frontend Masters, and upon looking further into your "curriculum", Frontend Masters is essentially exactly what I've been looking for this whole time.

I can't think of anything that could improve the experience so far.

- The classroom setting and the video element of someone live talking and coding is incredibly helpful.

- Course files are available without having to further "upgrade" my account, so that's great.

- I like that there are courses on Angular 2 and Ember 2.x. Shows you're relevant to now and take current technologies seriously, unlike the endless swamp of "dated" tutorials or courses which can lead users down obsolete paths.

- I like that the courses are long. Not to bash PluralSight, but the longest relevant courses to me there were ones like the Kyle Simpson JS courses, which were from FM anyway. But the others were somewhere around 2 to 4 hours long. Which isn't bad, but I've been looking for more "classroom-like" models to learn through, and the thoroughness of the long classes already makes me smile.

Thanks for creating this thing. There is nothing like it that I've found.If I run into problems or develop any suggestions, I'll let you know." — Don

QUESTION: Can't I just wait until your next sale?

Answer: You'll probably be waiting quite awhile if you did that ;) We don’t do these sales very often. I’d recommend jumping in now while it’s on sale.

The sale is now closed

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