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Front-End on a Team

A front-end developer is typically only one player on a team that designs and develops web sites, web applications, or native applications running on web technologies. (Note: A developer who builds everything was once called a "web master" but as of late these rare and mythical developers are called "full-stack developers").

A bare bones team for building professional sites or software on the web will minimally contain the following roles.

  • Visual Designer (i.e., fonts, colors, spacing, emotion, visuals concepts & themes)
  • UI/Interaction Designer/Information Architect (i.e., wireframes, specifying all user interactions and UI functionality, structuring information)
  • Front-End Developer (i.e., writes code that runs in client/on device)
  • Back-End Developer (i.e., writes code that runs on server)

The roles are ordered according to overlapping skills. A front-end developer will typically have a good handle on UI/Interaction design as well as back-end development. It is not uncommon for team members to fill more than one role by taking on the responsibilities of an over-lapping role.

It is assumed that the team mentioned above is being directed by a project lead or some kind of product owner (i.e., stakeholder, project manager, project lead, etc.)

A larger web team might include the following roles not shown above:

  • Visual Designers
  • Interface Design/Interaction Designer/Information Design
  • SEO Strategist
  • Front-End Developer
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Back-End Developer
  • API Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • QA Engineer / Testers

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