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Learn Multi-Thing Development

Image source: http://bradfrost.com/blog/post/this-is-the-web/

A site or application can run on a wide range of computers, laptops, tablets and phones, as well as a handful of other things (watches, thermostats, fridges, etc.). How you determine what things you'll support and how you will develop to support those things is called a multi-thing development strategy. Below, I list the most common multi-thing development strategies.

  • Build a responsive (RWD) web site/app for all things.
  • Build a RESS (responsive web design with server-side components) web site/app for all things.
  • Build an adaptive/progressively enhanced web site/app for all things.
  • Build a website, web app, native app, or hybrid-native app for each individual thing or a grouping of things.
  • Attempt to retrofit something you have already built using bits and parts from strategies 1, 2 or 3. This could be as simple as sprinkling in some screen-size agnostic UI parts or attempting to fully support other things with the entire UI.
General Learning:

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