Vuex for Intermediate Vue 2 Developers

Dynamic Modules Exercise

Divya S

Divya S

Vuex for Intermediate Vue 2 Developers

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Students are instructed to locate the operatorView component, and dynamically load the store so that the primary machine is serviced without updating the other machines.


Transcript from the "Dynamic Modules Exercise" Lesson

>> We're gonna move to the first exercise, which is looking at the operatorView component. Extrapolating the store and dynamically loading it, so that the servicing of the machine. So what you see on the bottom basically, that's what I called the operatorView. I'll show you. So if you look at components, you'll see the view on the bottom, essentially.

So these are all items. This bottom part is what I'm talking about. So I wanna focus on this specific button. So it's the bottom, I call the operatorView. It's just a component name. And so what I want you to do is extrapolate the store. And dynamically load it in that specific component such that the other machines are not updated.

One thing to note with this particular exercise, you are gonna get console errors because of the way in which you are accessing and creating the module. And that's because the other parts of components is gonna require the piece that you're modularizing. But in subsequent exercises, we're gonna fix those console errors.

So, ignore some of them for now, and then as we work through it, we'll actually work to remove them. And for this exercise, we're gonna be working off of this specific folder, which is the vuex static versus dynamic modules folders. So if I were to jump into that specific folder, I'll be pushed to step zero.

And then from there I can work my way up to this exercise.

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