Tree and Graph Data Structures

Linear vs Non-Linear Data Modeling

Tree and Graph Data Structures

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Bianca challenges students to draw out a model of the chatbot using linear data structures.


Transcript from the "Linear vs Non-Linear Data Modeling" Lesson

>> Bianca Gandolfo: So you brought up the the linear versus nonlinear. This is a thought experiment, okay? So in these data structures and algorithms classes, it's easy just to take what I say and then just try to memorize, especially with time complexity, people don't want to actually think about it.

They just want to be like, merge sort and log in, without actually deeply understanding what that means. And I'm going to challenge you to not do that. And so I'm going to stop, and we're gonna have these discussions on, what if our chat bot here, Mr. Breakfast bot, was a linear data structure?

Is that possible? What would that look like? And I think I just want to give you, does everyone have pen and paper? I think it's a good time, if you have pen and paper, to kinda brainstorm, how, if we can, how can we model our chatbot to be a linear data structure?

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