Serverless with AWS Lambda

AWS & Lambda Functions

Scott Moss

Scott Moss

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Serverless with AWS Lambda

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After discussing functions as a service run an independent method on a hosted server, Scott states that AWS Lamdas are AWS's functions as a service.


Transcript from the "AWS & Lambda Functions" Lesson

>> Scott Moss: So let's just hop right into service. So there's this really cool website called, it's in the README. And basically what I wanna do is, before we talk about serverless and serverless, cuz there's two serverlesses. I wanna talk about what lambda is, and what functions as a service means, and how all that's coming together.

So me, I'm not really a person to do slides. Actually, we're gonna do slides for this course, but then at the last minute, I decided to take them out, because it was just all AWS, so I decided not to do that. So I wanna move away from that, and get into more practical things.

But short, I just wanna talk about functions as a service and lambdas. So basically, functions as a service is being able to deploy functions in the cloud, and then run those functions based on some type of event. That's basically it. The difference between that, and a traditional server where it's a long lived server, that's on some port that's always on, that is probably listening for some HTTP request to come in, that's the difference.

Functions as a service, they don't do that. They're not long-lived. They only spin up when they're subscribing to an event and that event happens. And then, they shut down. They're stateless. So that's the big difference there. And most platforms charge you per usage for that. AWS is one of the cheapest.

And then, getting into Lambda, that's the name of AWS's functions as as service. It's called lambda. So whenever you hear someone say lambda, they're specifically talking about AWS's functions as a service, and not some other functions on some other platform. And pretty much every other platform has their own functions as a service, Azure functions, Google Cloud functions through Firebase.

Even Alt Zero has some called of web task, you can do, you can even create your own using Kubernetes if you want to. There's so many different platforms for functions as a service. The AWS by far is the best which we'll soon discover. Any questions on any of that language and any of the stuff that we just talked about?

Distinguishes between lambdas and functions as a service, and AWS, that cleared some stuff for some people.
>> Scott Moss: Cool.

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