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Remix Fundamentals

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Kent C. Dodds introduces the course by providing personal background with Remix and some prerequisites for the course. A brief overview of the course structure and how to set up the course repo is also provided in this segment.


Transcript from the "Introduction" Lesson

>> Hello everyone, my name is Kent C Dodds, and I couldn't be more excited to be back here at Frontend Masters. I was here, I should have looked, but I think it's been about four years since I was here at Frontend Masters teaching classes and I'm super excited to be back because now we have Remix created by Ryan Florence and Michael Jackson of React Router Fame.

And remix is basically an evolution of React Router, and very soon it will be a just Router, a Remix Router, not just React thing but JavaScript thing in general. So really exciting. I actually got into Remix because I rebuilt my website in Remix and I was just blown away by the power and flexibility and simplicity and all of the positive adjectives I can think of to describe Remix.

It was a joy and I had a problem because I actually also created testing and And I wanted to just keep working on these, this was my plan, was just to keep working on this stuff and improving it, adding new things and all this stuff but then I used Remix and everything changed.

All I want to do is talk about Remix now. And so, that's what ended up happening, actually I ended up joining the Remix team about a year after Ryan and Michael had released Remix so that I could just teach Remix all the time. And so currently, I am the director of Developer Experience at Remix.

I'm responsible for the website, the docs, the community on Discord, the conference that we ran this year. Really exciting stuff going on in the remix community. We open sourced in November, this last November, and six months later we had a conference of over 300 people. So, it's growing at an outrageously rapid pace.

And a large part of that is because Remix is [LAUGH] well, it's amazing, but it's built on top of React Router, so people who are using React Router can iteratively move over to Remix and get all the the nice awesome benefits. But yeah, so that's your little introduction to me, if you want to go a little deeper, you can go to my website and I paid far too much money to get this video put together introducing myself to you.

And so you can go learn a little bit more about who I am, but yeah, I just love teaching people how to build excellent software, that is my goal in life, is to make the world a better place by helping people build quality software. So, let's talk a little bit about, what we're gonna do, just to give you an overview of our day today, we're doing the fundamentals of Remix.

So, whether you've touched Remix a little bit or have never touched Remix at all, this is the place for you. And I do expect that you have some experience with JavaScript and maybe a little bit with TypeScript, we are gonna be using TypeScript throughout this whole thing. If you haven't ever touched TypeScript before, then that's a real treat because you're gonna touch it and you'll be like, my gosh, I love this thing so much.

So, I can't imagine writing web applications without TypeScript anymore. Luckily, Remix actually makes the TypeScript that you write pretty lightweight so, lots of what you look at just kind of looks like regular JavaScript. So yeah, a little bit of experience with JavaScript, a little bit with TypeScript and a little bit with React, kind of the prerequisites for being able to take this.

Of course along with that also, some experience with Node, being able to run commands in the terminal, that sort of thing. And most of this workshop is focused on exercises, so we'll have lots of opportunities for you to actually run through the exercises. While I give you an intro to Remix, I want you to be getting the workshop set up.

It shouldn't take a ridiculously long amount of time but it will take a little time. So, The Front End Masters GitHub has a Remix fundamentals repo and so if you go to that and then scroll down here, make sure that you satisfy the system requirements and then come down here and copy this code block for the setup and then paste that anywhere.

I'm gonna paste that into a terminal in any directory. So, I'm gonna go to my desktop directory and yes, that is a bacon emoji, it's different every time [LAUGH]. And we're gonna just paste that in, so that all, get set up on my desktop. And this will download and install a whole bunch of stuff and we'll just leave that running in the background while I explain Remix.

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