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The students are instructed to code the solutions to various currying exercises.

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Transcript from the "Currying Exercises" Lesson

>> In the background, I brought in Ramda, which is defined as R, if you just bring it into a window. And I'm defining underscore here instead of having an array R everywhere. You can look at the lambda docs, they're available, but really only going to be using Ramda's curry function.

[00:00:16] I guess it could have just brought up curry from it. And so just like before, we have a function called split, we've create it, takes a delimiter, takes this data last, and we'll just split on the delimiter. And Exercise 1 wants you to get rid of all the kind of function noise and just define words in terms of a creed split.

[00:00:40] So we just wanna split on spaces and we have a little test down here, should be passing already. So, yeah, Exercise 1, split is passing. We wanna keep it passing. But we wanted to find this in terms of currying. So get rid of the function, get rid of the turn, get rid of the string, and just try to find words in terms of split.