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Kyle wraps up the course by encouraging students to go out and code in JavaScript using the tools learned in the course.


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>> Kyle Simpson: Well, it's been kind of a whirlwind of a course, I'm sure. And especially if you're kind of new to this JavaScript programming language, or even new to programming, your brain is probably awash with a lot of different details. I just wanna remind you that you don't have to have all this stuff perfect right now.

That's completely, completely unreasonable for anybody to have picked up all that stuff in just a few couple of hours together. So I just wanna encourage you that this is a long journey that you're beginning. These are some of the first steps in a journey to really get your brain wrapped around a much more sophisticated and complex ecosystem which is JavaScript.

And there are lots of materials, there are many, many videos that can help you along that way here on the Front End Masters platform. There are books like the ones that I've referenced here in this course. And the exercises, make sure you go back and practice those several times and try to extend them and add to them and do more things with them.

But really, the biggest take away that I can leave you with is there is no substitute for just getting in and writing the Java Script. That's all of us of have learned it. If you're wondering how did I figured out all these stuffs of our Java Script, the only answer is that I just wrote a lot of JavaScript.

So I hope we've armed you with the tools to do that, and I'm excited to see what you're gonna do in your journey learning JavaScript. Thanks very much for being with us.

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