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Growth Reflection Exercise

Enterprise Engineering Management 102

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Ryan discusses the importance of growth reflection exercises for their team, explaining that they provide their team with a set of questions to reflect on their own growth and then have a one-on-one conversation to discuss their responses. The speaker also shares a framework called GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) that can be used to guide the conversation and help identify areas for growth. The lesson concludes with the speaker answering questions about good growth questions to ask and emphasizing the importance of understanding an individual's unique definition of growth.


Transcript from the "Growth Reflection Exercise" Lesson

>> So I mentioned, I like to give my team a growth reflection exercise. It's not fun, or in my opinion, it's not fun because I don't like talking about myself, but I like to give this exercise. It's a couple of questions, really to reflect on growth and to better understand what growth means to them.

Like I said, I give them this exercise ahead of time. I bring it up in a one-on-one that's like, let's circle back in a future one-on-one. I've often said like I'm not putting time on the calendar, we have to have it done by this time, but let's circle back, give them time to think about it and they usually will just bring it back to me.

And it helps, I read through it, they read through it, we talk about it, and then we have a really good engaging conversation on what growth looks like for them. So I do have an exercise that you all can take some time to fill out. I will show you kind of some of the questions, it does follow a framework called GROW.

I think it's actually does a pretty good job at getting across some of the things that the acronym GROW, is like your goal, reality so where you are today. Options of how you could possibly get there, and then the will being like, what will you do next? And so some of these things can really help the conversation and also help you as a manager know where you might be able to help out.

Or maybe where you can't, or maybe where you can make suggestions, or find material, courses, things like that to help someone. We'll take a break and take some time to do the exercise. Well, now hopefully you've all had some time to reflect on your own growth and be able to fill out that form.

And then be able to leverage that with your manager and say, here's some things that I wanna grow in and have a really engaging conversation. So let's recap, we covered why partnerships are important, how to build strong partnerships. What are high-performing teams, how do you measure them, how do you help build the high-performing teams, and then having growth conversations.

Now, this is, yep.
>> What are some good growth questions to ask in these one-on-ones or on the forum.
>> Yeah that's a good question I like to think about it as like, I'm not a fan of the even though yu have to think a little bit far ahead, right, like what's your ten year plan?

I have no idea, I barely know what my one month plan is. But you wanna try and think about outward of where do you wanna be? And so I think engaging questions like that of thinking about where you wanna get to And then, that kind of starts to help to think about some of the things in order to get you there.

I think about, too, is like it might be if you are the person who wants to get to the next level in said company, it might be asking your manager for that, and understanding those expectations. What are things that I need to do to get there? Because oftentimes, there's probably some expectations there and you wanna make sure that you are clearly aligned and know that.

So it's those types of conversations. And to me, also asking yourself, what does growth mean to you? It may not be ladder climbing, it might be that you just want new challenges or to learn a new technology, that's awesome and that is growth. So I think it's really just about reflecting on that.

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