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Sarah describes why she doesn't introduce herself as a designer, and discusses the roles of developer vs designer.


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>> Sarah Drasner: The last thing I wanna say is, I mentioned that my name's Sarah Drasner. I don't actually consider myself a designer. I consider myself a developer who can design because I don't spend all livelong day working on designs. I know people who do do that for a living.

Out of respect for them, I don't call myself that. I mostly spend my time coding. But what I do, do is create design so that people are interested in my code. So that when I do show something that I think is really interesting and dynamic, people are like, whoa, that looks so cool, and then they dive into the code.

Otherwise, they're probably not gonna be that engaged, even if it's a really good concept. I was, however In another life and art professor for college, I have a masters degree in art. So I have some background here, I'm not just like a schlep off the street. That said, I'm probably more like you where I'm a developer who's a designer.

And that's the purview we're looking at this course from. It's not gonna be a course for designers, it's a course for developers so that we can design. Cool. Ooh, all right.

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