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Sarah describes why she doesn't introduce herself as a designer, and discusses the roles of developer vs designer.

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Transcript from the "Designer vs. Developer" Lesson

>> Sarah Drasner: The last thing I wanna say is, I mentioned that my name's Sarah Drasner. I don't actually consider myself a designer. I consider myself a developer who can design because I don't spend all livelong day working on designs. I know people who do do that for a living.

[00:00:16] Out of respect for them, I don't call myself that. I mostly spend my time coding. But what I do, do is create design so that people are interested in my code. So that when I do show something that I think is really interesting and dynamic, people are like, whoa, that looks so cool, and then they dive into the code.

[00:00:36] Otherwise, they're probably not gonna be that engaged, even if it's a really good concept. I was, however In another life and art professor for college, I have a masters degree in art. So I have some background here, I'm not just like a schlep off the street. That said, I'm probably more like you where I'm a developer who's a designer.

[00:00:57] And that's the purview we're looking at this course from. It's not gonna be a course for designers, it's a course for developers so that we can design. Cool. Ooh, all right.