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>> Kyle Simpson: Wrapping things up for this course. In summary, I can simply say, if for whatever crazy reason you've decided to make [LAUGH] your career centered around JavaScript at this moment, doesn't it make sense to know your JavaScript? Doesn't it make sense to be more curious, to ask more questions about it, to want to know why the code works, so that you have any chance of trying to fix it when it breaks?

Doesn't it make more sense to take it seriously, and read the spec every once in a while and understand, and have a mental model, and most importantly through the understanding of that tool communicate your ideas and your intent more effectively. Thanks very much for listening to my thoughts on JavaScript.

I hope that as you go forward, you will continue that curiosity and that inquisitiveness, those asking questions. Remember that I have lots of materials out there to add to and support this particular study. The You Don't Know JS book series is really a great resource. All six books can be read up on GitHub.

Specifically, the three books from this course would be the Scope and Closures book, the This and Object Prototypes book, and the Types and Grammar book. So use those as your dig deeper into these topics study guides from beyond the course. Thanks very much. I appreciate you listening to these thoughts.

>> Audience: [APPLAUSE]

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