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The last items Burke goes over are the sync settings, and how to change them.


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>> Burke Holland: One last item that we talked about, we've done a lot of customization today to our editors. Well, I mean, we've, at this point VS code is very customized to your specific needs. You may have multiple computers where you work on VS code. Or you may work in an environment where you want someone to be able to immediately get set up with VS code in the same configuration that you standardized everybody else on.

So there is an extension called,
>> Burke Holland: Setting sync, took me a minute there. I think this might be the most, no, it's not the most popular, it was at one point in time. And what this allows you to do is sync your settings with other people. So what I can do is say Settings Sync.

I think it's just sync. Sync, what I wanna do is Update/Upload Settings, and it's uploading everything right here, it's done. And then what it does is it gives me a Gist ID up here at the top, right here, Gist, okay? It's a secret GISt, so you can't access it, other people can't get to it.

And now, let's say that I want to,
>> Burke Holland: Get another instance of VS code so that it's the same, oof, we got a title bar. Good, it's gone. Let's look and make sure we have Settings Sync over here. We do, so I'll collapse this. And this person has a dark theme, obviously, they don't know what they're doing.

So, I'm gonna fix that for them. So [LAUGH] we're gonna say Sync Download Settings, and it's gonna want a Gist ID. I think I have to do sync, let's see, update, let's see here, I have to remember how to do this exactly.
>> Student: Just download a public Gist.

>> Burke Holland: Yeah, that's the public, where, did you see download public Gist?
>> Student: No, it's below the first set of blue buttons there, below Login with Git.
>> Burke Holland: Yeah, there we go. I'll just try this Gist ID.
>> Burke Holland: All right, so it was a public Gist. So now you can see it's installing.

It's got bracket per colorizers coming over. All of my themes are gonna be installed. It's installing C#. It's getting everything that I did. So if we wait here long enough, and we let it download everything, this version of VS code is gonna look exactly like the other one.

You will not be able to tell them apart. So that is the last tip that I will leave you with is the Settings Sync extension that [INAUDIBLE].
>> Student2: It's a user settings, right, not workspace settings.
>> Burke Holland: Correct, user settings, only workspace settings are specific just to the project.

You can put those in GitHub. There's often conjecture about whether or not you should put dot files in GitHub or dot folders. But in the case of VS code, if you have a launch configuration, you probably wanna share that with your team, so put it in source control.

If you have a dev containers folder, you wanna share that with your team, put it in source control.
>> Burke Holland: Thank you so much for having me, Minnesota. I really appreciate it.
>> class: [APPLAUSE]

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