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Burke describes what the GitLens extension is, and describes the ways in which GitLens can supercharge GitHub functionalities when coupled with VS Code.


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>> Burke Holland: I wanna tell you one other thing about Git and GitHub. There is an extension that I've also included called GitLens. GitLens is a really good extension however it is rather complex. I've included it here, it will put a, I believe this is the one. It's written by a guy named Eric Amodio, who is a brilliant developer.

And he wrote this extension, I think mostly on his own. But you can see here it shows you so much more than what you get out of the box. So you can see the different branches here, you can see the commits, you can see all the comments all right, from within VS Code.

The thing that I love the most about GitLens is that it has something called blame annotations. So if you see, you see you might have, you can't see this on the projector. It's not dark enough but there's a little grayed out, and it says the name of the person, how many days ago, and what the commit message was.

I like this a lot, because as you move through code and you look at something and you think, who wrote this horrible code? And then you can put your mouse there and go, it was me.
>> class: [LAUGH]
>> Burke Holland: So that's GitLens, I did a video with Eric Amodio on GitLens.

If you wanna check that out on YouTube which is Google GitLens and my name. We spent an hour walking through it, and looking at all the features.

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