Visual Studio Code Can Do That?

Deploying to a Container Registry

Burke Holland

Burke Holland

Visual Studio Code Can Do That?

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Burke goes through how to deploy a container using Registry on VS Code.


Transcript from the "Deploying to a Container Registry" Lesson

>> Burke Holland: All right, so you haven't container now what do you do with the container? You deploy that container, where to? To a registry. So let's go back to Docker here. And I've got two registries connected here. One of them is Docker Hub. So let me expand this and hopefully I'm logged in and here's my registry in Docker hub and if I wanna get this image into Docker hub I'm gonna right-click it and say push.

I need to do this. Okay, the other thing I need to do is I need to tag this, so let's go ahead and tag this right here. So I'm gonna say tag. And then I need, in order for it to know which repository to go to, I have to tell it.

So I have a username in Docker and so do you if you installed it, you have a username. And if you just prefix your image with your Docker username, you're specifying that you want this image to go to Docker hub by default. So we tag it. There it is, let's push latest so I will say push, preparing and now it's pushing.

>> Burke Holland: It's pushing everything up. All right, so I'm gonna refresh this, and we should see our front end master is image now in my repository in Docker Hub and there it is. It's published and in fact, watch this. What is it All right, here we go.

Now Frontend Masters is actually available and anybody can pull this down and run it on their own machine or run it in their cloud provider of choice.

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