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CSS Foundations

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>> So this was a lot. Let's be honest, people have this misconception perhaps CSS is not too difficult. And the reality is the syntax is quite easy to understand, right? But there's a lot going on, especially when you start with a high fidelity mock up and you have no idea how to begin.

So where can you go from here? There are many Frontend Master's courses on CSS, getting started with CSS by Jen Kramer. There's Dynamic CSS with Custom Properties with Lea Verou. She's also written a fantastic book as well that I can recommend. There's a CSS Animations and Transitions course, which I'm certain is super fun.

We've got Sass Fundamentals as well if you're looking to get into Sass, right? If this were me and I was really trying to improve my CSS and become more of an expert, I would maybe dive into more animations, learn more about preprocessors, maybe some CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation, and maybe even design systems which are a whole ecosystem that are so fun to learn.

So this is where I might go. Just a couple of resources I'd love to share. If you're going to be playing around, building your websites, these are some sites that I found are great for assets and getting things. So I've used Unsplash for all of the images in this course.

And they are linked in the readme of the repository. Unsplash, you can search for different images and use them of course if you're gonna be using them proprietarily, is that a word? If you're gonna be using them in production, I would perhaps look into the legality of what you need to do officious crediting, the photographer or if it's paying for but fantastic website.

Again, I mentioned dribbble with three B's. So, design portfolios. It's great for finding mock ups if you wanna like practice your CSS a fantastic place to get mock-ups from. Grid Generator from Sarah Drazner, again, super fun to play with. And if you're interested in learning more about Flexbox and Grid and practicing them, Grid Garden is a really fun game where you've got this grid and little plants and you have to figure out how the code that you would write to get them in the right locations.

Same for Flexbox Froggy. I really appreciate all the help in the participation today, and thank you for sticking with me. If you have questions, feel free to message me. And with that, I wish you the best on your programming journey.

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