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Maximiliano wraps up the course by summarizing the covered material and reinforcing the significance of a well-designed prompt.


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>> We've seen how AI works with web development so we don't just use ChatGPT as a normal user. We are web developers, we've seen how to integrate that into our websites. We've seen how we can provide information to ChatGPT through a ChatGPT plugin. Remember that at the end is just injecting data into the prompt that's what the ChatGPT plugin does.

We've covered the idea of prompt engineering, I prefer to say prompt hacking. But anyway, we've seen that making a clear prompt with really strict instructions of what you're expecting really gives you good output. And also working with the temperature, it's important for us, for the developers temperature zero will not guarantee but will try to always get a consistent result.

And finally we discussed ways that we have today, to actually work with your own data. We see how you can integrate ChatGPT with your own databases, documents and any media file that you have right now in your website or your app. Just have in mind, there is no way to fine tune ChatGPT it's always about the prompt so prompt is king.

So that's all I have here for you so I hope that you now understand how this looks like and you are excited about what you can do. I think that the recipe example that creates images and recipes in a structured data format it's really cool it's like magic, okay?

So actually I'm really excited about what you can do now that you know how to integrate ChatGPT into the platform. And I hope that you can show us on social networks, I'm Firt on Twitter or Frontend Masters what you are going to do with ChatGPT on your websites and web apps, thank you.


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