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Matt shows an example of generative branding for a company by DIA Studio.

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Transcript from the "Primary Branding" Lesson

>> Speaker 1: So what we're gonna try and do is we're gonna try and recreate a branding or a bit of a generative design branding. And usually, I wouldn't recommend just trying to recreate something that already exists but this is a really cool branding. And maybe it's a good exercise for shaders because it's a very simple and powerful image.

[00:00:19] And this is actually done by DIA Studio and they do a lot of interesting computational work. And in this case, they created this generative design branding. And there's actually a lot of different images that I don't have in the slides. But they produce this circle, masked. And it was animated.

[00:00:35] And then they would export different images, different colors, different states from this animation. And those different states would be used in different brand identities across this company primary. So whether it's on a mug or whether it's on a tote bag or something else, they would use that image in different ways.

[00:00:54] So I thought that was a really cool branding, and it seems similar to some of the same concepts we're going to be doing around shaders. And it's a good sort of first exercise to start with.