JavaScript in the Background


Maximiliano Firtman

Maximiliano Firtman

Independent Consultant
JavaScript in the Background

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>> My name is Maximiliano, I can go by Max. I'm a Frontend tutor,, my website. This is going to read JavaScript in the background. So really quickly, so I'm a mobile Web developer. I'm from Argentina. I came from Buenos Aires, actually. And I've been doing JavaScript and PWA since forever, HTML since 1996 and JavaScript just after that.

I authored 13 books and I published a lot of Web apps where I actually did some of the tricks, things that we will be covering today. So, recently I published to learn/pwa. It's a free kind of an ebook on progressive Web apps available on website from Chrome.

And I've done around 20 workshops on Web Push. That is one of the topics that we will be covering today. I've been covering this background thing for a while. In fact, this is an article I published nine years ago called Zombie Tab. It was actually a trick that I found to actually wake up a background tab for iPads and iPhones, long time ago.

That trick doesn't exist anymore. But anyway, so I've been following the idea of running JavaScript in the background for a while. So we're going to be covering the Web app lifecycle. So what's actually the background? So what is the background? So we're going to see about the life while it's in the background.

So how does it look like? How to detect that we are in the background. What about notifications? And then we're going to code and see in action a couple of APIs. That's the Page Visibility API. A little bit about service workers. Not exactly about the service worker itself, but how does it work with the background, right?

Then execution in the background so different ways in API's that we have to actually execute code while in the background. And also to wake up code while in the background. And then we will end up seeing some samples on Web push notifications. So, that's actually our outline for today.

So, there is a URL there, there is a repository with the code that we will be following today. Also, you have the slides there,, my last name, javascript-background. And in terms of pre-requisites, I just need you to understand JavaScript. So that's actually the only requisite. If you have experience with service workers, it will be better.

But if you have never played with it, no worries. We will be seeing the staff there. And also we are going to be using probably something around ES 2017. So actually promises, async, await, that kind of stuff. We are not going to use any framework or any library.

So we are just going to use just plain JavaScript. So you can actually apply what we're going to learn today in any brush. Okay, this is React, Vie, Angular, wherever.

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