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Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript Introducing Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript

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Jafar Husain starts the workshop on Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript by outlining the course agenda and noting the syntax changes in Observables interface.

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Transcript from the "Introducing Advanced Asynchronous JavaScript" Lesson

>> Jafar Husain: Today we're gonna be doing the advanced version of the async programming class in JavaScript. And I assume, most of you guys have taken my last class by now. And if you did, you remember that we did a lot of basic exercises, to sort of strengthen the basic skills about building streams with functional programming.

[00:00:19] That was a little functions, map, filter, reduce, merge, zip. And then at the tail end of the class, we talked about things like the flattening operators. And today in class, the idea is to dive deep, and do some pretty beefy problems, right? Using this stuff, more complex problems.

[00:00:38] Some maybe even more complex than the average problem you run into at work everyday. But mostly again, to just sorta strengthen those skills.
>> Jafar Husain: So, with that in mind, before we get into the really deep stuff, I actually find it can be really useful to take about ten steps back, and go over the basics again.

[00:00:57] So the idea here is, presumably, all of you guys have seen my class, I'm not gonna spend too much time on review. But one thing I find really valuable is actually, we're gonna be doing a minimal implementation of RX in the class today. So we're actually gonna be implementing RX from the ground up, and then we're gonna do subscription, and we're gonna see how the code flows through.

[00:01:18] And see the relationship between observers, subscriptions, observables, and then we're gonna get into those beefy problems after that. So, here's the agenda that we'll be talking about today. We're gonna discuss the interface changes, it's been a long strange trip with observable. And since we did this class two years ago, it was more of a niche topic.

[00:01:39] And now, I think a lot of folks out there are using it because, well, it's kind of the way business is done in Angular 2. So there's a lot of folks out there who are familiar now with Observable, because of that reason, we're gonna do, as I said, a minimal Observable Implementation.

>> Jafar Husain: Then we're gonna go over a real problem that we had to solve at Netflix called Animations Allowed. I like it because it's hard, and so I'm excited to see how you guys do on it. And a Reddit Image Viewer App, something a little more practical, a little more everyday, but we're gonna build a whole app ground up using RX for that.

[00:02:14] And if we have time at the end, we're gonna talk a little bit about promises and how they relate to observables