The View Transitions API

By Cassidy Williams on

Like anyone, I love a good “native-feeling” experience on the web. I’ve really enjoyed creating that vibe with the new View Transitions API. Luckily it’s is pretty clean to work with, both with the Astro framework, and out of the box! View Transition Options Transitioning UI between states has been something that developers have been […]

View transitions: Handling aspect ratio changes

By Chris Coyier on

Jake Archibald has some great examples of awkward gotchas with View Transitions. View Transitions are naturally great at tweening one state of a DOM element to the next, but you’ll see likely-unwanted ghosting if the element changes shape from one state to the next. You can either prevent it from changing shape by changing either […]


By Chris Coyier on

While I was over on Codrops reading Adam’s article about Scroll-Driven animation, I also read Noam Rosenthal’s article about View Transitions. Noam is also at Google and working on the View Transitions API, so knows it pretty intimately, and found enough gaps that a library around it was warranted. That’s what Velvette is: a library […]