State of HTML 2023 Results

By Chris Coyier on

The State of HTML 2023 Results are out! I thought this survey was more interesting to take than reading these results. It’s not that the results aren’t interesting. I’m almost impressed by how low the “used it” percentages are for certain features, like less than half of people have used a <details>?? And 28% are […]

Menus, toasts and more with the Popover API, the dialog element, invokers, anchor positioning and @starting-style

By Ollie Williams on

Dropdowns, menus, tooltips, comboboxes, toasts — the popover attribute will make building a large variety of UI components easier. The popover attribute can be used on any HTML element, so you have the flexibility to choose whichever element is most appropriate semantically for each particular use case. Unlike a dialog, a popover is always non-modal […]