State of HTML 2023 Results

The State of HTML 2023 Results are out!

I thought this survey was more interesting to take than reading these results. It’s not that the results aren’t interesting. I’m almost impressed by how low the “used it” percentages are for certain features, like less than half of people have used a <details>?? And 28% are itching to use tabindex again? 😬 It’s just that in taking the survey we were all reminded of how many interesting things are going on in HTML land and likely learned about a good many things, like there is a Badging API??

I like Lea’s conclusion:

Some argue that improving HTML is futile, but the survey resoundingly demonstrates the contrary. Developers crave more interactive HTML elements: not only were interactive elements like <datalist> or the Popover API among those accumulating the most positive sentiment across all categories, but in addition all top missing elements were interactive widgets.

That new Popover API is extremely awesome, in no small part because it can be used in HTML alone.

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