Masonry and reading order

By Chris Coyier on

Two months back there was a bit of a hubbub about masonry layout in CSS with Jen at Apple making a case and Rachel at Google agreeing those use cases would be great, but should be based on display: masonry; not display: grid;. Then: nothing. Web standards just move at the pace that it moves […]

An alternative proposal for CSS masonry

By Chris Coyier on

I wrote in my masonry proposal feedback: Are there any more fleshed out alternative proposals? I thought Jen presented strongly that CSS grid is a great place to put masonry layout, but also that it wasn’t arguing against anything else. Rachel Andrew has that “anything else”, which is display: masonry; with more explanation. What’s nice […]

Feedback on Masonry Layout

By Chris Coyier on

Jen Simmons posted Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, aka “Masonry” layout over on the WebKit blog the other day and is actively soliciting feedback. Our hope is that web designers and developers chime in (post to social media, write blog posts) with your thoughts about which direction CSS should take. Don’t mind if I do. Do […]