Masonry and reading order

Two months back there was a bit of a hubbub about masonry layout in CSS with Jen at Apple making a case and Rachel at Google agreeing those use cases would be great, but should be based on display: masonry; not display: grid;.

Then: nothing. Web standards just move at the pace that it moves and that’s usually good slow. But I admit I’m a little surprised that it’s been radio silence. I think there is a CSS Working Group meeting in Spain this very week though so we’ll see if that ignites anything.

My own feedback said this is partially a conversation about tabbing order, and it definitely is. So then the bigger question becomes, does this tabbing issue need to be solved as a part of masonry? Or can we solve it more broadly? Rachel introduces the idea that it can be more broadly solved.

… my personal hope is that we can land the proposal for reading-order-items before we have interoperable masonry, in whatever form it takes. 

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