Million.js 3.0

Million.js caught my eye a few months back because of the big claim it makes: Make React 70% faster. I ended up listening to a podcast with the creator, and the meat of it is: it removes the need for “diffing” the virtual DOM that React uses when re-rendering to find what needs to change, which can be slow. I see the project still has momentum, now reaching 3.0.

Skeptical? Good — it’s your job to be skeptical. If this is so amazing, why doesn’t React itself do it? Potential answer: it requires a compiler. That’s a pretty big directional shift for React and I could see them never wanting to go down that road. Although I say that but I’m even more surprised that React will have server requirements (presumably, with server components, right?) And do I actually need this? How complex does my project need to be before I can actually feel React being slow in diffing? What is my technical debt here? How much of my code base has to change to accommodate this? What is this project dies out, where does that leave me? Is there any entirely un-biased endorsements or critical reviews out there to find?

I can’t answer all this for you. I just bring it up because it’s my goal with Boost to get you thinking like you need to think to become a senior developer, and this is part of how.

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3 responses to “Million.js 3.0”

  1. Avatar Robert Weiner says:

    How about answering any of it? Couldn’t you at least try it out for a month and report back on your findings/thoughts? People are looking for answers; they already have the questions, don’t you think?

    Just some thoughts to consider. Be well.

    • Avatar Chris Coyier says:

      Agreed! Answers would be great.

      But I think on the road to senior developer, learning to ask the right questions is just as important.

      Happy to commission an article digging into those answers.

  2. Avatar Tobiloba Adedeji says:

    Hello there, I’m Tobiloba and I’m a Developer Advocate at Million.js. I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have

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