It’s a Win-Win: You & Your Team Learn and Your Company Benefits. Now Let’s Convince Your Boss.

A Frontend Masters personal account is $390/year. It’s an investment. It can be an investment in yourself if you’re looking for work, but if you’re already working, it can be an investment from that company that is good for everyone. A smart company with teams of developers should take advantage of buying a team account, getting everyone at every skill level access, at $245/seat/year.

We all can and do learn on the job, but all that learning is going to be within a certain circle of choices that have already been made. Choices about technologies, approaches, procedures, etc. There is a lot more to learn out there, much of which can be directly relevant to the work you are doing. After all, we’re all building websites. Rather than run around searching for what to learn, the smart move is to sign up for Frontend Masters. That way the content comes pre-vetted and high-quality, and is ready for you and your team to dig into whenever works for you.

Learning as much as you can, so you can help make smart, informed decisions and craft good code, is incredibly valuable. Perhaps you’re convinced already. Let’s convince your boss.


Subject: Getting a Frontend Masters Team Account

Hey Boss,

I think we should get a Team Account on Frontend Masters.

There is a ton of stuff to know about building websites, and while we learn a lot on the job around here, we've all got our gaps. Not to mention this stuff changes rapidly. 

Rather than scavenge around for the best learning materials around, Frontend Masters already has really good teachers and a tightly curated collection of courses. We could all take different ones and report back to the team. 

They've even got nice native apps where you can download the courses to watch, which I'm thinking I would do on that flight to the team meetup next week. 

Should we do it? 

- Timmy Twoshoes

Why Frontend Masters and not [Some Other Company]?

Hey, we’re not one to talk smack.

Let’s just say that Frontend Masters vets content seriously, so there is no need to wade through junk and worry that you didn’t pick the right course. The courses are also continuously updated, so you need not worry about outdated information.

Plus, there is content available at all the different skill levels, so one Team Account can be useful for a team that has different skill levels on it.

Who else uses Frontend Masters?

Ah, a bit of social proof you’re after eh? That’s fair. These companies aren’t just customers but are are the companies where our teachers actually work:

Microsoft, Netflix, Stripe, and Spotify

They are doing pretty well. Just saying.

Is it only front-end content?

We are known for front-end engineering excellence, but our training goes far beyond. We have courses that teach full-stack topics like Node.js, API Design, SQL, Docker, and DevOps. Backend languages like Python, Go, and Rust, as well as UX design, management, and technical leadership courses. 

So don’t let the name fool you. We will continue to expand our areas of focus to encompass all of software development (both front end and back end), design, UX, technical management and technical leadership. Remember your membership has access to all newly released content as well, which is happening all the time.

Can I watch something?

Like Kyle says: Frontend Masters helps give you the confidence to take the next steps in your career.

Let’s do this thing really quick, bullet point style.

  • The teachers on Frontend Masters are the best in the business.
  • You don’t have to worry about outdated or poor quality courses on Frontend Masters.
  • If you build websites, the wide curriculum on Frontend Masters has things for you.
  • Each course has practical hands-on exercises to make sure you learn in a relatable way.
  • There are native apps, which has offline downloaded courses and bookmarking, helping you learn on the go.
  • All your progress is tracked within the site.
  • There is a supportive Discord community you’ll have access to.
  • There are live workshops you can attend with Q&A sessions.
  • The site-wide search will help you find very specific answers in no time, even within videos.
  • All the courses are in glorious beautiful 4k video.

Need more help?

Hit us up over email anytime and we’d be glad to help:

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