Learn Front-End Application Architecture

General Learning: 1
Deprecated Learning Materials:


Not a lot of general content is being created on this topic as of late. Most of the content offered for learning how to build front-end/SPA/JavaScript applications presupposes you've decided up a tool like Angular, Ember, React, or Aurelia.


1 In 2017 learn Webpack, React, and Redux. Start with, "A Complete Intro to React" and "Building Applications with React and Redux in ES6".


The images below are from the 2016 Frontend Tooling Survey (4715 developers) and 2016 State of JS Survey (9307 developers)

Image source: https://ashleynolan.co.uk/blog/frontend-tooling-survey-2016-results

Image source: http://stateofjs.com/

Image source: http://stateofjs.com/

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