Top 20 Frontend & Fullstack Courses (May 2024)

Here is a list of popular courses on Frontend Masters for May 2024.

Deep JavaScript fundamentals, React, and TypeScript continue to be incredibly popular. We’re proud that our community values learning the deep fundamentals—investing in core skills pays off for your entire career. As new tools and techniques evolve, it is much easier to stay up-to-date when your fundamentals are strong.

Next are core topics like Git, algorithms, Node.js, and full stack (setting up your own servers). We’ve also seen a rise in the popularity of courses on Go, so we are planning an extensive Go course this fall! We’ve used Go internally as a team since 2017 and have been happy with it. Lastly, Next.js framework fundamentals are popular, and Tailwind made the list with its utility-first approach to CSS!

CourseCourse Author
Complete Intro to React, v8Brian Holt
JavaScript: From First Steps to ProfessionalAnjana Vakil
JavaScript: The Hard Parts, v2Will Sentance
Everything You’ll Need to Know About GitThePrimeagen
Complete Intro to Web Development, v3Brian Holt
The Last Algorithms Course You’ll NeedThePrimeagen
Build Go Apps That Scale on AWSMelkey
TypeScript 5+ Fundamentals, v4Mike North
Introduction to Next.js 13+, v3Scott Moss
Deep JavaScript Foundations, v3Kyle Simpson
Full Stack for Front-End Engineers, v3Jem Young
Basics of GoMax Firtman
API Design in Node.js, v4Scott Moss
Intermediate React, v5Brian Holt
Introduction to Node.js, v3Scott Moss
Vanilla JS: You Might Not Need a FrameworkMax Firtman
The Hard Parts of Ul DevelopmentWill Sentance
Web App Testing & ToolsMisko Hevery
Tailwind CSSSteve Kinney

Whether you’re newer to the industry and learning these core skills for the first time, or an experienced developer looking to brush up your skills, this list is a great reference for courses you’ll want to take!

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  1. Avatar boaz says:


    are you planning to create a course on WebRTC?


  2. Avatar Zubayer Hassan says:

    Can anybody which sequence to follow for completing the whole full stack developer journey ?

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