Testing Your JavaScript Knowledge Course (and Podcast Interview with Lydia Hallie)

Quizzing has always been a highly requested feature, and we wanted it not just to be a test — but a course that combines challenging questions with in-depth, quality instruction. We released our first quiz-based course last year covering advanced web development topics and folks seem to really enjoy it.

Today, we’re excited to release our second quiz-based course by Lydia Hallie with questions on JavaScript!

Lydia teaching the new JavaScript quiz course

Test Your JavaScript Knowledge

Challenge your core knowledge of JavaScript with 50 interactive quiz questions covering topics like the event loop, scopes and closures, the this keyword, classes and prototypes, garbage collection, and more! After each question, you’ll get an in-depth visual explanation from Lydia.

I personally really enjoyed her visual explanations of the event loop and how JavaScript processes the microtask and macrotask queues. It’s difficult to wrap your head around asynchronous code – things like timers and async/await – and Lydia really challenged how much I thought I knew. (BTW, she recommends this classic talk on YouTube: What the heck is the event loop anyway? if you haven’t seen it or don’t know much about the event loop, go check it out)

Lydia visually explaining the JavaScript event loop

Other highlights of the course include:

  • Solidify your understanding of asynchronous programming and JavaScript’s event loop
  • Grasp the “this” keyword and the nuances of scope and closures
  • Test your knowledge of module loading, maps/sets, proxies, and template literals
  • Utilize classes and prototypes for prototypal inheritance
  • Explore modules and garbage collection for code optimization

We hope you enjoy Testing Your JavaScript Knowledge!

Podcast Interview with Lydia Hallie

We also did a podcast interview with Lydia and put it up on YouTube: From Self Taught Coder to Vercel Through Open Source | Frontend Masters Podcast Ep.12

Lydia Hallie takes us through her tech journey, from early coding experiments to becoming a prominent figure in the developer community as a Staff Developer Relations Engineer for Vercel. Lydia shares her unique approach to tech talks, emphasizing authenticity and leveraging visual storytelling to make complex concepts accessible. She discusses the challenges of public speaking, her collaboration with Addy Osmani on, and her strategies for engaging with her audience beyond conventional presentation styles. Lydia also opens up about her personal struggles with burnout, highlighting the critical need for balance between work intensity and self-care. Her story is not just about her technical achievements but also about her insights into maintaining passion and productivity in tech. Lydia’s reflections offer valuable lessons on the importance of self-awareness and the courage to prioritize well-being alongside professional growth.

The episode is up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well!

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