Modern WordPress – Yikes!

David Bushell has some choice words about modern WordPress development.

I loathe what WordPress development has become. If you haven’t kept up with Gutenberg and full-site editing (FSE) you may be surprised at how radically different modern WordPress themes are — and not in a good way.

I’m torn on all this. I actually think the block editor is great. (I don’t think we call it Gutenberg anymore? That’s just the bleeding edge plugin?) There are serious rough edges, but it’s big improvement on building content. But FSE somehow feels a step too far to me. Where I think the way blocks are stored as content as HTML comments is clever, actually writing them to set up a theme seems gross. How it pushes how your theme actually works into the database, is even grosser. That’s not version controlled and requires an exotic syncing process and such.

I’d say “you don’t have to do it that way” (I don’t), except that’s what some people did with the block editor by using the “classic editor” plugin, and if you’re still doing that you’re really swimming upstream these days.

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One response to “Modern WordPress – Yikes!”

  1. Avatar Kashif Rafi says:

    totally agree with you, i am developing wordpress themes and plugins from last 10 years and have always love working in wordpress, but now i have started hating this new way of theme development.

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