Make your React web apps more accessible (two new courses)

Why should you spend the time making your web apps accessible? Not only are there legal and business reasons, but the biggest reason is it’s a civil right – we want *everyone* to be able to access our websites and web apps!

“An inaccessible website can exclude people just as much as steps at an entrance to a physical location.”

Yet, according to WebAIM, developers still aren’t doing enough:

According to WebAim Million Report
98.1% Home Pages have At Least One WCAG 2.0 Failure
Causes of Most Common Accessibility Failures
Low Contrast Text
Missing Image Alt Text
Empty Links
Missing Form Input Labels
Empty Buttons
Missing Document Language

And this is just for websites. If you’re building something a React web app, there are additional things to consider, like interactive elements. If you’re looking for a job or a promotion, accessibility knowledge can really set you apart.That’s why we’re excited accessibility expert Marcy Sutton Todd created two new courses: Web App Accessibility (featuring React) for developers and Enterprise Web App Accessibility for technical leaders, to help build a more inclusive web! 

Web App Accessiblity (feat. React)

Solve the most common accessibility issues in React apps using testing tools, semantic HTML, and ARIA attributes to make interactive elements accessible. You’ll get hands-on experience with screen readers, keyboard navigation, focus management, and visual accessibility techniques, including color contrast and motion reduction. Learn to test and build with accessibility in mind, making your web apps more compliant with standards like WCAG and, most importantly, inclusive to the broadest audience possible!

Some highlights from the course:

  • Apply WCAG and ARIA standards in React for better accessibility.
  • Use screen readers and alternative text to support accessibility.
  • Improve navigation with semantic HTML and ARIA attributes.
  • Identify and resolve accessibility issues using Axe and Lighthouse.
  • Implement keyboard navigation and visual adjustments for inclusivity.

Web App Accessibility course →

Enterprise Web App Accessibility (Feat. React)

Learn to bake accessibility into your development process and culture. Understand UI accessibility, ARIA, focus management, and how to test for accessible web apps. Through hands-on exercises, you’ll tackle optimizing components for screen readers and keyboards, utilizing semantic HTML, and understanding JavaScript’s impact on accessibility. Foster an accessibility-focused culture within your development teams, equipping you with the knowledge to build inclusive web applications!

Here’s some highlights of what you’ll learn from the course:

  • Automate accessibility testing and build a culture of accessibility in your organization.
  • Fix common accessibility issues with best practices.
  • Craft accessible UIs that leverage visibility classes, accessible naming, and ARIA.
  • Test accessibility using tools like axe and screen readers.
  • Navigate JavaScript’s impact on web app accessibility.

Enterprise Accessibility Course →

Podcast Episode with Marcy Sutton Todd

We also recorded a podcast episode with Marcy and put it up on YouTube: Marcy Sutton Todd – A Dive into Web Accessibility | Frontend Masters Podcast Ep.13

Marc Grabanski CEO of Frontend Masters interviewing Marcy Sutton Todd Accessibility expert.

The episode is up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts as well!

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