Is leadership the right career path for you? New courses by Netflix managers

As you continue to evolve in your career to a senior/lead developer, you may stop and wonder what the next step is for you to continue moving forward. “Should I pursue a leadership role?”

It’s important to understand that if you do decide to pursue management, that it’s a role change, not a promotion. It’s also not a career move that’s right for everyone. Luckily, Jem Young and Ryan Burgess, Engineering Managers at Netflix, have new courses to help you identify if management is right for you and will teach you the skills to thrive as an engineering manager if you choose this path!

Engineering Management Fundamentals 101

“The goal of this course is to help you understand Engineering Management. Even if you decided being a manager isn’t right for you, that’s fine. If you understand the lessons here, you will become a better software engineer.”

Jem Young, Software Engineer Manager at Netflix

Jem discusses motivations for transitioning into management and confronts hard truths about the position to discover what makes a good manager.You’ll learn to develop people leadership skills, learn the day-to-day responsibilities, effective meeting management, and the initial challenges of new managers. You’ll know if management is right for you and get the foundations for a successful career in software management!

Some highlights from the course:

  • Transitioning to management requires a shift from coding to people management.
  • Key skills include effective communication, conflict resolution, and team development.
  • Balancing technical knowledge with business understanding is crucial for aligning team and organizational goals.
  • Run meetings more effectively to respect your team’s time and still communicate the most essential information.
  • Dispel common myths about management and find out if engineering management is right for you!

Enterprise Engineering Management 102

Learn the keys to leading high-performing technical teams from Ryan Burgess, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Netflix. Set up your teams for success by developing OKRs and KPIs, team charters, hiring processes, and fostering strong partnerships. You’ll discover the importance of giving and receiving feedback and navigating change management to improve your teams. See real-world examples, interactive exercises, and expert discussions that will enhance your leadership skills!

Here’s some highlights of what you’ll learn from the course:

  • Create OKRs and KPIs to create team goals and performance metrics.
  • Develop team charters for creating alignment around a shared mission.
  • Refine your hiring processes to build diverse and skilled technical teams.
  • Establish and nurture productive partnerships across teams.
  • Improve through cultivating feedback and evolving in changing tech environments.

We hope you enjoy these new courses: Management Engineering Fundamentals and Enterprise Enterprise Management!

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