Have you ever heard someone lament about how Safari on iOS is so far behind? Or is missing features? Or heard people talk about how unfair it feels that Apple doesn’t allow third-party browser (engines)? They say that in part because it literally feels unfair, but also because other browsers do actually support the specific features they want, so why are they being kept away from it?

Just what are those missing features? Shalanah Dawson put together a site, iOS404, that lists 63 of them in detail. (Plus has a really cool design.) That’s a lot, but I’m not sure it’s the whole picture of what irks people about iOS Safari. If you hone in on just Progressive Web App (PWA) support, there is quite a few gaps specific to those alone.

Wanna really learn about Service Workers?

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Service Workers are extremely powerful. They are the one technology that can make websites work offline, for example, and have true control over cache. But there is a lot to learn. Fortunately, we have a great course all about them.

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