The Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook 2024 — A Guide to Modern Web Development

We just released the highly anticipated Frontend Handbook 2024, by Cody Lindley!

The handbook provides an in-depth overview of the skills, tools, and technologies necessary to excel as a front-end developer / engineer. With 38,000 words of practical knowledge and advice, it covers the core technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—and how they form the foundation of modern front-end development.

As Cody Lindley reflects on the current state of front-end development:

“Once upon a time, front-end development primarily focused on the user and the user interface, with programming/software playing a secondary role. […] We have to find our way back to the user, back to the user interface.”

Get an overview of popular tools, libraries, and frameworks that go beyond the front end, such as:

  • React.js/Next.js
  • Svelte/SveltKit
  • Vue.js/Nuxt
  • SolidJS/SolidStart
  • Angular
  • Astro
  • Qwik
  • Lit

These tools enable you to create full-stack web apps and websites that interact with databases and share templates across server and client.

You can also develop native applications using web technologies with frameworks like:

  • Electron for desktop apps
  • React Native and Capacitor for mobile apps
  • Tauri for mobile and desktop operating systems

Additionally, we touch on Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and their ability to create installable applications with native-like experiences from a single codebase.

Whether you’re a seasoned front-end developer looking to refresh your understanding of the industry or a beginner eager to embark on a career in this exciting field, the Frontend Handbook 2024 is an essential resource.

To access the Frontend Handbook 2024, read it for free here:

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    I wish and hope to become a front-end developer in the future.

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    My favorite book ❤️

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